Saturday, April 20, 2013



Hi again, this is Eloise. Our school had a carnival on Friday, April 20. It was super fun. There was  a really fun Cake Walk, we went on it a lot of times. But my sister Esther, who is 8 won a bag of chocolate covered donuts, she is sooooo lucky, don't you think? Well, she was being nice and me and one of my really good friends, Hillary got one. Mmmmmmmmmmmm!!!! There were games, the lollipop tree, pencil pick, glitter tattoos, temporary tattoos, balloons, Bingo, a jumpy house, an inflatable     relay race, snacks, and, of course, the Cake Walk. We had a lot of fun!!!!! That same day during school  we had a walking field trip to the Capitol in the SNOW!!! It was fun but pretty cold. But we had to have a "backpack buddy" and had to switch off carrying the backpack through the snow!!! Well, thats all for now!!!

                                                                 TTYL XOXO!!!!!