Sunday, November 17, 2013

New school

Hey guys big, big, big news. We haven't been posting in awhile because we haven't seen each other in a while, it's really hard because, now we are at different schools. I(Saale) moved to mahtomedi and it's was to hard to drive me back and forth, I would have had to wait 3 hours after school ends, and no after school classes interested me. So I moved into the mahtomedi school district. It was a huge change. I like something's better there, like the binders and orginization stuff they give you there, but miss some things about Capitol Hill, like 3 weeks per specialist. But many things have changed at Capitol Hill, so says Eloise, and there are lots more teacher, but you'll have to hear from her. And guess where she is?? COSTA RICA!!! I'm was super jealous. 
     But then I realized I have everything I could possible want want here in my new home. So Eloise have the best time on you trip, she is even learning to surf. Lets see if she good or not, haha. But really it is hard with our different schedules and my rehearsal. So hopefully we can keep the blog alive and well, but if I have to be honest I'm not making any promises, it feels like we don't have anytime, at least not me, but Eloise I'm sure will try. Any ways here's a little panda pic to cheer you guys up
                                                             Saale and Eloise

Saturday, August 24, 2013


Hey guys, sorry we haven't been writing much lately, but now we are together having a sleepover at Saale's new house. It was so fun, we went to the beach and also a park. It did take a really long time to finally get to the beach, after a long hour of bugging Saale's brothers, but when we got there we had tons of fun!!!!!!!!!!! We did fun stuff under the water because we had goggles, we even had a tea party under water. Then we went home and we made popcorn( burnt, just the way Eloise likes it), and watched a movie called Flilcka, which is one of Saale favorite movies, we also had pop tarts and Kool-aid. Then we went to bed and in the morning we made pancakes, for Saale's parents, and Saale's dad said that they were the best pancakes he ever had!!!!!!!!! Eloise also introduced a new game into Saale's life, which happens to be Plants vs. Zombies and Saale is now obsessed with it.
     And Saale just came back from Europe and she visited Paris and she got matching key chains where there are 3 pandas and the Eiffel Tower.

     We had a lot of fun at this sleepover!!!!!!!!!

                                                   TTYL xoxo
                                                    -Saale and Eloise

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


It's been kind of weird lately, because Saale has moved out of St. Paul to Mahtomedi( if you don't know where that is its by White Bear Lake, and if you don't know where that is, we'll its in Minnesota). It has felt weird for both Saale and Eloise because Saale has lived there for her whole life, which is 10 years, but Eloise has been very supportive, and Saale thanks her for that. Saale is not yet settled in because she had carpet cleaners coming Sunday and she moved in Thursday, so she got a late start, and Monday her parents had to go back to work, because they already took a lot of day of moving everything out of Saale's old house, which Saale really misses, but she really loves her new house, and the new animals that come with it, like...
                                            Raccoons, Turtles, Dear
            Tiny Toads and fireflys, which happens to be Eloise's and Saale's favorite bug!
                                         Speaking if animals, Bubbles was very freaked out the first day but she's back to normal now, and truffle really misses Eloise because she is in Boston and other places with her sisters and mom, but that's for her to talk about. Bye for now!
                                                    TTYL XOXO,

                                                              THE PANDA SISTERS
P.S This so Saale's new room

Sunday, June 23, 2013

YMCA Camp Warren

                                         YMCA CAMP WARREN!!!!

Hey guys!! Sorry we haven't posted anything in a while, we've just been SUPER busy!!! Well, now to the subject. Me (Eloise) and Saale just got back from YMCA Camp Warren!!!! It was super fun!! We both did horse camp so 2 of our 4 activities were horse. My activities were, 1.archery and 4. horse. Saale's were, 3. wild x (wild exploration) and 4. archery. I got my 1st rank on archery!!! We both had tons of fun!!! Oh! I forgot, if you wanted to, you could borp (the sound a polar bear makes when it jumps in the water, is when you jump in the lake water) at 7:05 each morning and then if you did every morning you got an award which me and Saale both got!!!! It was really fun!!! Our schedule was, (I don't remember what time things were, but if I do I will write them.

6:30 wake up if borping
7:20 wake up if not borping
flag raising
8:00 breakfast
cabin clean-up
cabin/ service activity
1st activity
cabin clean-up awards
rest hour
2nd activity
3rd activity
4th activity
community time
hobbie, OCC,campfire or all camp game night
get into pj's
taps(lights out)

We both had tons of fun and are both going back next year for sure!!!

                                                 - Eloise and Saale

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Pandas are AWESOME!!

Aren't pandas awesome? They so are! We even have panda earrings, matching T-shirts, T-shirts that aren't matching and matching pajamas. Saale has a panda lipgloss holder and Eloise has panda socks. Cool right? You can definitely tell we LOVE panda's. PANDAS!!!!!!
We also love cake.
                                                          -Saale and Eloise:)

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Listen to your mothers/ sleepovers!

Hey everyone! How are you? Yo wut up? (Check at the bottom for your panda picture!!) Eloise went to a show that her mother was doing called Listen to your Mother. There was a woman named Ann Imig, she started a show called Listen to your Mother. Eloise's  mom helped put one on and was one of the co-producers. Eloise got to usher at the doors of the Riverview Theater, where the show was. That was Thursday the next day was Friday and we didn't have school that day, so Eloise came over to Saale's house for a sleepover!!!! And Saale had to put up with all of Eloise's annoying ness and awesomeness. Saale and Eloise went to Saale's brother Aidan's soccer game and there was a very pretty pond/lake there and we saw really pretty birds and we saw the Mallard and a duck and it was really awesome!!!!!!!!!!! Then we went home and we went to bed and the very next morning right away we watched the dark knight rises which is one of the best movies ever! And guess what we slept in? Matching panda PJ's!!!!!!!!!! They are so cute, here's a picture!!!!!! 
 Aren't they cute!!!!!!!!!!??????!????????!!!
And here are some pictures of that beautiful place we found, But one is garbage be cause we're trying to stop people from littering, this is what happens, if you ever littered we now officially hate you! Thank you!
And here are some pictures we found on the Internet of the pretty bird we told you guys about, and the Duck and Mallard. The bird is called the Red-winged Blackbird!
But afterwards we went to Cherry Berry and had some frozen yogurt!
Your Welcome for writing Ava! See you next time! 
Wait you need to see the panda picture,
 There we are bye!!!
                                                       TTYL XOXO
                                                              -SAALE AND ELOISE

Monday, May 6, 2013

TPS(the panda sisters)

Hey everyone how are you? Eloise and Saale very happy because MCA's are finally over! Over the weekend Saale went to the art walk and went to the festival of nations! It was really fun especially because Saale is half German and she got to hear their kind of music eat some food (even though it was french-what they had good crepes) and saw their stand! The festival of nations is a is weekend where a lot of countries have stands and caf├ęs at a place in downtown St. Paul. They have that shows and dances from different countries and music from different countries, It's really cool and fun to go to Saale made these cool things that you spin around even! It was for free! The art walk is a thing that Ordway puts on and it's where they choose some of kids artwork from different schools And they chalets and windows and on buildings and on places they can hang it, you even get a certificate and a map where it show were your art walk is. That was very fun too. But thanks all Saale enjoyed most about the weekend is that she got an iPad mini! It's even had Siri and I'm using her right now! If you don't know Siri is basically voice command, Saale loves it! Here are some pictures! Saale has the white one. She also went to the candy store Yum!