Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Hi everyone, how are you? Aren't you excited about this warm weather were having in Minnesota! We sadly heard it will get colder though. We REALLY hope it doesn't snow again though! Any-who, we found some really cool panda things on the internet(all pics are at the bottom this one is the cake one, they are in order the way we are talking about them in the blog).

We also found this,

Well bubbles was inspired

Ha ha, well speaking of cats don't let one nap on your back, make sure it always has a comfy place to nap and give it space to do so because just like humans cats need sleep to. Please listen to this because they might sleep on your back, and trust us, it is uncomfortable

Now there are these really cool dresses called maxi dresses, they basically go down to the floor and are VERY comfortable, Eloise has this one and she says it is very comfy and pretty and that Saale should get one, here it is

Well ta ta for now

-The Panda Sisters!!!

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