Monday, May 6, 2013

TPS(the panda sisters)

Hey everyone how are you? Eloise and Saale very happy because MCA's are finally over! Over the weekend Saale went to the art walk and went to the festival of nations! It was really fun especially because Saale is half German and she got to hear their kind of music eat some food (even though it was french-what they had good crepes) and saw their stand! The festival of nations is a is weekend where a lot of countries have stands and caf├ęs at a place in downtown St. Paul. They have that shows and dances from different countries and music from different countries, It's really cool and fun to go to Saale made these cool things that you spin around even! It was for free! The art walk is a thing that Ordway puts on and it's where they choose some of kids artwork from different schools And they chalets and windows and on buildings and on places they can hang it, you even get a certificate and a map where it show were your art walk is. That was very fun too. But thanks all Saale enjoyed most about the weekend is that she got an iPad mini! It's even had Siri and I'm using her right now! If you don't know Siri is basically voice command, Saale loves it! Here are some pictures! Saale has the white one. She also went to the candy store Yum!

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