Sunday, June 23, 2013

YMCA Camp Warren

                                         YMCA CAMP WARREN!!!!

Hey guys!! Sorry we haven't posted anything in a while, we've just been SUPER busy!!! Well, now to the subject. Me (Eloise) and Saale just got back from YMCA Camp Warren!!!! It was super fun!! We both did horse camp so 2 of our 4 activities were horse. My activities were, 1.archery and 4. horse. Saale's were, 3. wild x (wild exploration) and 4. archery. I got my 1st rank on archery!!! We both had tons of fun!!! Oh! I forgot, if you wanted to, you could borp (the sound a polar bear makes when it jumps in the water, is when you jump in the lake water) at 7:05 each morning and then if you did every morning you got an award which me and Saale both got!!!! It was really fun!!! Our schedule was, (I don't remember what time things were, but if I do I will write them.

6:30 wake up if borping
7:20 wake up if not borping
flag raising
8:00 breakfast
cabin clean-up
cabin/ service activity
1st activity
cabin clean-up awards
rest hour
2nd activity
3rd activity
4th activity
community time
hobbie, OCC,campfire or all camp game night
get into pj's
taps(lights out)

We both had tons of fun and are both going back next year for sure!!!

                                                 - Eloise and Saale

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  1. So glad you had a wonderful time. Some of my best memories are of a camp I went to when I was your age.