Wednesday, July 17, 2013


It's been kind of weird lately, because Saale has moved out of St. Paul to Mahtomedi( if you don't know where that is its by White Bear Lake, and if you don't know where that is, we'll its in Minnesota). It has felt weird for both Saale and Eloise because Saale has lived there for her whole life, which is 10 years, but Eloise has been very supportive, and Saale thanks her for that. Saale is not yet settled in because she had carpet cleaners coming Sunday and she moved in Thursday, so she got a late start, and Monday her parents had to go back to work, because they already took a lot of day of moving everything out of Saale's old house, which Saale really misses, but she really loves her new house, and the new animals that come with it, like...
                                            Raccoons, Turtles, Dear
            Tiny Toads and fireflys, which happens to be Eloise's and Saale's favorite bug!
                                         Speaking if animals, Bubbles was very freaked out the first day but she's back to normal now, and truffle really misses Eloise because she is in Boston and other places with her sisters and mom, but that's for her to talk about. Bye for now!
                                                    TTYL XOXO,

                                                              THE PANDA SISTERS
P.S This so Saale's new room

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