Sunday, November 17, 2013

New school

Hey guys big, big, big news. We haven't been posting in awhile because we haven't seen each other in a while, it's really hard because, now we are at different schools. I(Saale) moved to mahtomedi and it's was to hard to drive me back and forth, I would have had to wait 3 hours after school ends, and no after school classes interested me. So I moved into the mahtomedi school district. It was a huge change. I like something's better there, like the binders and orginization stuff they give you there, but miss some things about Capitol Hill, like 3 weeks per specialist. But many things have changed at Capitol Hill, so says Eloise, and there are lots more teacher, but you'll have to hear from her. And guess where she is?? COSTA RICA!!! I'm was super jealous. 
     But then I realized I have everything I could possible want want here in my new home. So Eloise have the best time on you trip, she is even learning to surf. Lets see if she good or not, haha. But really it is hard with our different schedules and my rehearsal. So hopefully we can keep the blog alive and well, but if I have to be honest I'm not making any promises, it feels like we don't have anytime, at least not me, but Eloise I'm sure will try. Any ways here's a little panda pic to cheer you guys up
                                                             Saale and Eloise

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