Saturday, August 24, 2013


Hey guys, sorry we haven't been writing much lately, but now we are together having a sleepover at Saale's new house. It was so fun, we went to the beach and also a park. It did take a really long time to finally get to the beach, after a long hour of bugging Saale's brothers, but when we got there we had tons of fun!!!!!!!!!!! We did fun stuff under the water because we had goggles, we even had a tea party under water. Then we went home and we made popcorn( burnt, just the way Eloise likes it), and watched a movie called Flilcka, which is one of Saale favorite movies, we also had pop tarts and Kool-aid. Then we went to bed and in the morning we made pancakes, for Saale's parents, and Saale's dad said that they were the best pancakes he ever had!!!!!!!!! Eloise also introduced a new game into Saale's life, which happens to be Plants vs. Zombies and Saale is now obsessed with it.
     And Saale just came back from Europe and she visited Paris and she got matching key chains where there are 3 pandas and the Eiffel Tower.

     We had a lot of fun at this sleepover!!!!!!!!!

                                                   TTYL xoxo
                                                    -Saale and Eloise

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